Topic February 2015

Another month -another topic :)

and because I am about to move to my home town the next few weeks... the new topic is called

Moving Places

Deadline will be the 16th of March... have fun!

Good Times

Well, had a good time painting this. Hope that counts, too. :)
Watercolor on Paper 55x36cm

Good Times

Good Times

Here is my good times post! Wow not on the last day ;)
Based on a true story :D

Topic January 2015

Fellow Monkeys,

the time has come for the first topic in 2015:

"Good Times"

Get inspired by your own personal moments or come up with something completely new.
Deadline is: February the 9th, 2015

We wish you all a happy, healthy and succesful year 2015!
It's always a pleasure to have you in the monkey lab!

Now go have some delicious bananapaint or make some "art" or "something" ;P

Cuteness Overload

Well, it is not cuteness overload, but it is something ;)

Kitten Overload

take your seat and fasten your seat belt bitches....

Yay first post...
Experimented a bit with Zbrush Fiber Meshes...

Hope you like it :)

New Topic

Suitable for Xmas the new Topic will be "Cuteness Overload"

Deadline will be the 6th 12th of January.

Have fun


Shame on me... started on the last evening (again)... so it became this little Ipad Sketch... while watching episode V ;)

Future Tech Robo

Whiip, whoop, whaap!
Tried my luck with a mech. Despite the beginnings it is a lot of fun.
Edit: Here is the updated version, enjoy!

Shoutout to Björn for layouting the background :D

The New Topic... "Future Technologies", to get a little more of the Sci-Fi-Theme. Enjoy!

Deadline will be 8th of December i guess ;-)

Pura Vida Lodge

A few weeks ago I went surfing in France... this is the surf lodge where we stayed for the week. I tried to capture the chilly atmosphere -but in reality it's far more beautiful!


I managed to create two watercolor paintings, one is based on a pencilsketch I created in Berlin, the other one was painted on location in Würzburg while being watched by a zillion spectators..



Well, I am happy with parts of it, others...
Anyway, this was always going to be a little experimental
and the underlying idea is of course utterly ridiculous :D
It's all strictly handmade and analogue, though...

deadline postponed

Ayayay, que dolor! Que vergüenza!
Shame on me! Hand me sackcloth and ashes!

I've failed miserably! I could not make it in time...
Well, apparently no one else was able to do so either...

Ok, here's a suggestion: let's pretend nothing happened...
Let us pretend it's all sunshine, flowers, butterflies, unicorns, double rainbows...
Let us pretend deadline-day was always going to be October 25! And then...

... let's do this! Woop woop! :)


Woop! Woop! That's the sound of da... NEW TOPIC!
Here it is:


I don't necessarily want to force you to work with real, actual, tangible pens and brushes (Yikes!). Feel free to do so, but also keep in mind: a digital work of art could address the subject just as well, theoretically... :)

Uh, one more thing: when's the DEADLINE? I've no idea. Beats me. Haven't got a clue. Dunno... maybe one of the more senior and well-established users could add this piece of information below ;)


Hey monkeys, here is my current work in progress... I tried some things, not sure where I am going with this .. :)

New Topic

Hey, the next topic will be:


Deadline is the 8th of September


Hey my monkeyfriends, here is my mermaid painting.



Voilà! :)

If you like this and want to check out some other stuff I did in recent months you can click on the following shameless self-promotion-link:

Also, there cannot possibly be a mermaid-related post without reference to the greatest mermaid scene in the history of arthouse cinema ;)

New Topic

Hello Again -the new topic for the next month will be:


Deadline is Monday 4th of August


That awkward moment: Its monday evening -you havent started painting yet -you do a quick speedpaint  -and then you realize that the deadline has been expanted ;)

Next Month Topic!

To make a long story short, the next topic is:

"Well,... this is awkward."

No restrictions... so choose the weapon/medium of your choice!
Deadline is  Monday, 9th of June.  Monday, 16th of June. (because of holiday and stuff... no excuses now! Yes I am looking at you!)

Pixel Art

Because I haven't been that thrilled painting single Pixels -this idea came up my mind :)


What shall I say rather than "Blood for the Bloodgod and Pixels for his Pixel Throne!"

Had a lot of fun too and as Alex mentioned it's really relaxing :)


Hey fellow monkeys, while it is really time-consuming to create pixel art, it's also very relaxing.
Had a lot of fun to pixel away ....


hi there,

i guess i'll try another one - but i like the idea. some kind of a nice placeholder ;-)

mspaint ftw!

best regards,

New Topic: Pixelart

I may proudly present the new Topic for April:


Design whatever you like (Character, Environment or some other freaky stuff you like) by just Painting some Pixels.

Let's come to the Conditions:

-Max Pixel Count 4x4 (16 Pixels)....oh wait... ô0
of course you are free to use as much Pixels as u need.

Deadline is May 12th.


a little late

forgot to post it yesterday...sorry guys.

I recently started painting with watercolors, i got still a loooong way to go, but hey it's fun.

Unfortunately the painting is not 100% analog, i tweaked the colors a bit in PS so i'd say 90% original watercolor in there.

Well, that was close... I really had to hurry in order to get this one finished in time, thereby avoiding the unbearable disgrace of not coming up with a result for a topic I had chosen myself!

I am not all that happy with the result, still did not want to withhold it from you guys. At least I´ve got it all in there: Smoking a cigarette! Wearing a smoking! A smoking gun! ;D

Fun fact from wikipedia: English native speakers apparently don´t use the work smoking for the item of clothing shown above. They simply call it tuxedo... I´m afraid the international appeal of my work will therefore be diminished considerably. Damn! ;)



had this graffity-session with jannis and afterwards alex gave me this new painting-tool called krita - so this is what i made out of it.

hope you like it :-)

Smoky Cat

Finally got the motivation of doing a new Painting.
Had a lot of fun from the Scetch on, hope you like it too fellow monkeys. :)



Smoking ..

Wow I actually did it not on the last day :)

And I was able to record the whole process.
So enjoy the video aswell:

Click me for time-lapse video of the process (do it!)

Heyho Dudes and Dudettes,

I've been accorded the great honour to announce the new topic. Here it is:

Hopefully the term is ambiguous enough to make for some really diverse results :)
Kickstart your brains, brush the dust off your brushes: the deadline is April 7!!!

Retro Zeppelin

We had so much time and I still had to paint it on the last day... shame on me...


Didn´t worked that well with the ''no deadline'' experiment ;) next time we stay again with the 3-4 weeks!

Heyho Dudes, this is my first contribution on this platform, so I am quite excited... :)

If you want to check out some other work I´ve produced recently, feel free to have a look at my brandnew blog:

24th Topic -January 2014

After a little holliday break -here's the first topic for 2014


Pick one -or both of the two pictures below and extend them in any way you like. Do a Matte Painting or a complete Reinvention. Change colors, add stuff... just make a unique piece out of it! Have fun :)


So this is the second time I´ve started on the last evening... I should rethink my time management ;)

new topic


Deadline is 9th of december.

Mini Tree House

Started today at 11pm with this one... so I had to make a Speedpaint out of it ;) There are still some things to finish -but for now... here's my little tree house

La vie en miniature

Hello guys,
i'm very very sorry, but i really hadn't got the time to spend it on on my new wacom... even hadn't got the time to do anything with it (upgrading to win 8.1; installing cs6 - or is it cs5 ???) but i try to use this crappy placeholder and upload my piece when there are better times.

here is my picture. don't ask... :-)

Sincerely yours,


ok, this one just emerged from my canvas. don't know why or what its deeper meaning is but here it is anyway.

hello fellows,

last weekend i visited a funny little 'exhibition' with the title "roccoco en miniature". it was quiet interesting, to get an impression, you can have a look here:

that gave me the idea of the next topic:
"la vie en miniature" - feel free to interpretate it...


PS: deadline will be 11th of november

Kids Cartoon! Mojo Jojo

Well, I haven't painted anything lately and it took me a while to start this one.
I was painting something different but was not happy with it, so I started today from scratch.
Hope you still like it.

" Now, if you'll excuse me, I, Mojo Jojo, have a town to take over. I have a world to conquer. I have to seize control of an area and force its inhabitants to follow my way of thinking. "